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Dispatches from the Sportswriting Microeconomy

Today I have something in common with the idle rich. I am manifestly not rich, but I am now quite, quite idle. That’s because yesterday, after nine years of service — service that gave off every appearance of being loyal — FOXSports.com let me go. It was a budgetary decision, which allows me to fall on the less displeasing end of the somewhat blurry laid off/fired continuum. So that’s something. Right?

Anyhow, I’m not going to sit here and meow on and on about my grim circumstances. Plenty of people are much worse off, and I have cabinets full of canned goods, SSRIs and mind-altering spirits. I’ll be fine. Rather, I’d like to reflect upon some positives that have arisen from my new, blighted condition. To be sure, I have some regrets right now — no longer working with some terrific editors over at FOX is chief among them — but some things sustain me …

  • I now have more time to spend here and over at BBTF. I might also look into doing same with wife and spawn.
  • I have learned that commenters on any mainstream, high-traffic site are, almost without exception, drooling sub-morons. I shall now walk among them far less often.
  • Since I am no longer part of the FOX hootenanny, I can say without fear of reprisal that I don’t much care for the work of Joe Buck. I care even less for the work of Thom Brennaman.
  • The name “NewsCorp” has always creeped me out. It sounds like a place at which Winston Smith would work.
  • My wife has wanted, for some time, a pricey futon for which I do not see the need. Checkmate, wife.
  • My wife has wanted, for some time, a second child for which I do not see the need. Checkmate, wife. (Kidding, dear! Sort of … )
  • I look forward to a significantly lower tax burden in 2011.
  • Since I’ve long been self-employed, I can, despite my unemployment, still hang onto America’s Worst Health-Insurance PolicyTM.
  • I can watch more baseball, which is sort of the point, right?
  • Above all, I carry with me no hard feelings, and I still, in my own estimation, number among the lucky bastards of this world. And as with all things in life, an Internet meme provides guiding wisdom …

    Thank you for listening.