Dodgers Pen Costs More Than The Astros Roster

Colin Zarzycki wrote a post with this title on RotoGraphs this week. Unfortunately he didn’t reveal how we can purchase one of these pens for ourselves. Fortunately, I have done the necessary investigation. This is most likely the Dodgers pen he is referring to.

The Aurora Diamante… is covered with over 30 carats of De Beers diamonds on a solid platinum barrel. It has a two-tone, rhodium-treated, 18KT solid gold nib and is personalized with a coat of arms, signature, or portrait.

And at $1.3 million, it isn’t quite as expensive as the entire Astros roster, but it’s close.

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Banknotes Harper
Banknotes Harper
2 years 5 months ago

That’s the pen I use when I feel like writing like a fucking peasant.