Dogs Really Into Sabermetrics, Turns Out

This is what’s frequently referred to as “visual evidence.”

Maybe it’s because Jonah Keri has recently joined FanGraphs, and Mr. Keri has a well-documented relationship with our canine friends, but, if the algorithm used by our advertisers is at all indicative of our readership, then there’s only one possible conclusion to draw from the image above — namely, that dogs are super into FanGraphs.

If that screenshot is too subtle for you, allow me to draw your attention to the relevant portion of the page. Here:

“That doesn’t prove anything,” you’re probably saying. “That ad is probably just intended for dog owners.”

Right. Of course. That was my initial reaction, too — until I noted that the ad in question appears just below a banner reading “Yard Barker.” At that point I found it difficult to look past all the obvious signs.

In any case, allow this post to serve as recognition of all our dog readers. You guys are going yeoman’s work out there. Keep bringing it.

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