Educational Ichiro Video

What you’re about to witness comes courtesy of loyal NotGraphs reader Reynaldo, who said:

I have no idea what the purpose of this video is, but when I saw it I thought of Notgraphs so here you go.

The purpose of the video, to these eyes at least, is educational. Never, ever test Ichiro’s arm.

Boom, Ichiro. Literally.

Thank you, Reynaldo. Thank you so damn much.

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21 Responses to “Educational Ichiro Video”

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  1. EnglishMariner says:

    Hehe, this video never gets old.

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  2. CSJ says:

    That wasn’t even a good throw. He was practically next to second base.

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  3. steex says:

    Probably one of the 5 best music videos I’ve seen. If only Ichiro had been trying to throw out Christopher Walken dancing from second to third…

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  4. skipperxc says:

    I love Japan and I love the Internet.

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  5. Greg W says:

    Please tell me this isn’t new to you.

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    • I hate to disappoint you, Greg, but it turns out I have not, besides my best efforts, seen every baseball-related video on YouTube. I’m sorry I’ve failed you.

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      • Also, in my own defence, it has ONLY been viewed 140,000 times. If it were in the millions, I might feel foolish. I also assume that if I’ve never seen it, nobody else has, either.

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        • Greg W says:

          This is definitely not the only version of ‘Ichiro laser beam’ out there, though it is a little heavier on the nuclear explosions than the other couple I have seen. There were enough of these videos out there that at one time, that this throw and the laser beam graphic were considered their own internet meme.

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  6. r0ry says:


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  7. Peter says:

    Holy shit I had a seizure while watching this.

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  8. Dscott says:

    I am a little disturbed by this video in the sense that Ichiro is from Japan, which has a little history when it comes to nuclear explosions. Maybe it is because I am a history teacher, but I can’t help but feel a little remorse from WW2 still, being an American citizen and knowing the history behind the explosion. Anyhow, I remember that throw, and it was a lazer.

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    • Brandonkey says:

      I agree. Not trying to be a party pooper, but the same thing goes through my head. Shivers of Hiroshima. The same way Sterling makes me shake my head when he announces an A Bomb from A Rod as Hideki comes to the plate to bat next.

      Anywho… I took no offense, just hesitation. Everything aside, funny vid. The play is still amazing.

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      • I didn’t make the connection when I first watched the video. But I certainly see both your points. Of course, no offense was intended. Japan needs to be celebrated, especially right now, and as per my existence, Ichiro is the nation’s finest export. (Sapporo beer’s a close second.)

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  9. williams .482 says:

    That poor third baseman…

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  10. Bird Dog says:

    Heh. A 10-year old video tells volumes about the state of the Seattle Mariners. Highlights have been hard to come by in the aughts.

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