Edwin Encarnacion: Weird Baseballing T-Rex

Like all great correspondences — the famous one between John and Abigail Adams, for example, and the other famous one between noted 20th century pop sensations Milli and Vanilli — my own correspondence with my friend Ross will someday become the object of much literary interest in this country and abroad.

While the frenzied masses will have to wait for its publication (i.e. the aforementioned correspondence’s) until just after my own death, an excerpt from one of Ross’s recent electronic letters is suitable for blockquoting in these pages.

Ross writes (or wrote, seven days ago, I should say):

On another note, hunt down recent highlights of Edwin Encarnacion stroking a dongpiece (he did so in today’s matinee game at Milwaukee, so you can see fresh evidence on mlb.com). Notice that every time he’s shown rounding 1st, he is carrying his right arm in what might be described as a palsied t-rex pose. He seems to do this invariably.

Like any gentleman of taste, I need only hear the phrase “palsied t-rex pose” once to have my curiosity piqued duly.

Abiding by said curiosity, I not only sought out some representative clips of Edwin Encarnacion, but then proceeded to render those clips into GIF form for the enjoyment of at least 10 or 12 people, as follows.

From June 20th, at Milwaukee:

From June 18th, at Milwaukee:

From May 30th, vs. Baltimore:

Indeed, in all three clips — and, in particular, that third one — Encarnacion does appear to be pumping his left arm with considerable vigor even while the right remains eerily still. Further inspection of other clips reveals that this practice is more the rule than the exception for Encarnacion.

“Why,” the reader might ask, “does Encarnacion do this weird thing?” To which question the author can only reply, “I don’t know.” And to which question late actor Robert Stack would likely reply, “Find out next time… on Unsolved Mysteries.”

RIP, Robert Stack:

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27 Responses to “Edwin Encarnacion: Weird Baseballing T-Rex”

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  1. Kyle says:

    That is some incredible arm placement. I’m glad “stroking a dongpiece” is something that people write.

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  2. Another post about the Blue Jays, Carson? Good lord, man.

    I’ve certainly noticed Edwin’s bat flip this season, it’s a beauty, but this T-Rex business is news to me. And quite accurate, actually.

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  3. Scott says:

    Nickname seeks player:

    Palsied T-Rex

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  4. Cory Schwartz says:

    He’s been doing it all season as some sort of inside joke between him and Bautista

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  5. Squee says:

    I’m mildly amused beyond all measure.

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  6. Squee says:

    Many basketball players do the palsied wrist thing when they make a three-pointer. They think it’s a cool pose or something.

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  7. PL says:

    Shades of Jeffrey “One Flap Down” Leonard!

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    • dp says:

      That was my first thought as well, though Penitentiary Face raised his left arm, thus completely rendering the aesthetic comparison moot.

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  8. Craig says:

    I always thought he was doing a busted wing.

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  9. reillocity says:

    The intro sequence to Unsolved Mysteries was much better. Three sentences appeared in a white simple font over a black screen as an overly serious narrator read them. The first sentence, “This program is about unsolved mysteries.”, surely disappointed the 0.01% of the viewership who was expecting a show titled Unsolved Mysteries to be a drama centered around the day to day affairs of scantily clad Los Angeles County lifeguards.

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  10. DQ says:

    I’ve been loving this all year, it’s just what he does. I do it now every time I hit a home run in house league. Just submit to the palsy

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  11. Dayn Perry says:

    A home run — that should the last time anyone refers to that thing as anything but a “dongpiece.”

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  12. Aaron55 says:

    I believe he is sinaling a left turn

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  13. WinTwins says:

    I just took a ride on the ROFLcopter.

    Palsied T-rex…..so good.

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  14. Greg W says:

    Its the unrequited high five pose.

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  15. Razor says:

    The man’s on pace to 50 dongpieces so as far as I’m concerned he can look as queer as he wants to doing it.

    Off topic: EE on pace to 50, Bautista no pace to 56 dongpieces. When’s the last time a team had (2) 50 dongpiecers?

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  16. Matt McWax says:

    Palsied T-Rex is also my favorite JPop group.

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  17. anthonyrizzo_jackass says:

    This is precisely why you must drop it like it’s hot – in the event it may actually be hot.

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  18. siggian says:

    Edwin also does his home run trot as if he is on a NASCAR track with a steep bank. Perhaps the palsied T-Rex is how he tries to maintain balance as he leans into the corners?

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