You may have come here expecting to see perhaps one of Carson Cistulli’s studious studies of a Cameron-on-Clubhouse-Confidential, complete with Blink+ statistics and Frog Mouth annotations, but this is an emergency; we here at NotGraphs are in a State of Emergency. A metaphysical Mississippi.

Last night, this image hit our servers and it hit our servers hard:


Needless to say, the 2003 Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop that wholly runs NotGraphs melted inside its frame when this cellphone-daguerreotype appeared. Yes, that is FanGraphs editor in chief Dave Cameron, a-wheelin’ and a-dealin’, a-gamblin’ and a-wrastlin’ with the WAR cards — or something.

Actually, I’m not tooooooootally 100% clear on what this is supposed to be promoting, but perhaps through the magic of science we can enhance the image and see better the intention. Consider this slightly less worst version and attempt to understand the purpose here; gaze into his world-weary eyes; study his oddly pink hand and acceptably-coiffed haired; what is the answer to the mystery?; why have you brought us here, Dave Cameron?; is the journey, perhaps, the destination?


Dashing Dave

What are you trying to tell us, Dave?! Do you want me to pick a card? Or are you just exhibiting the necessary motions to finish your taxing shift aboard this gambling ship we call a blogger’s life? Does the next card spell out our future? We can’t understand you!!!

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  1. SKob says:

    I see what you’re doing here Dave! GM = Blackjack player – a game where knowing the right metrics can spell out when you need to sit and wait and let someone else make a mistake, or push hard for another key piece to improve your hand. I see what you did there!

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  2. Trevor Robinson says:

    What the….?

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  3. Benzedrine says:

    Dave’s expression is living ennui on the cathode tubes

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  4. tylersnotes says:

    i have been looking at this for several minutes and can confirm that he doesn’t blink even once

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  5. Eric says:

    True story – at my son’s practice last night at an indoor facility, Clubhouse Confidential was on one of the TVs (with no sound, unfortunately) when Dave Cameron appeared. A few individuals near me who were less familiar with MLB Network or Dave Cameron or fangraphs, noted how freaky that guy on the TV was who wasn’t blinking. I had to laugh and described to them the tracking of his blink rate on these very pages. At that moment, those individuals made two decisions 1) I was probably in a similar category to Mr. Cameron; and 2) any further conversation was best avoided.

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  6. David Cameron.

    Me. You. Staring Contest. Now.

    You win. You always do.

    That’s why I come up here.

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  7. canuckassassin says:

    Sabermetric black jack: You win by find the combination of two players that comes closest to equaling Mike Trout.

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  8. KaminaAyato says:

    This was in reference to the upcoming SABR conference. Brian Kenny had shown a picture which someone had made of a boat whose name was “SABR ~” (I don’t remember the full name). Then in reference to said boat, there was a picture of Kenny with a captain’s outfit and a hat that read something along the lines of “The Shredder” in reference to the tool they use on CC to analyze players. The final pic is the one above with Cameron in the WAR room.

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