End of Year Fantasy Chat

Q: Mike Moustakas: Did he hit 20 home runs?

A: Yes. Exactly.

Q: Who do you think led the league in saves?

A: Jim Johnson. Hold me to it.

Q: Adam Dunn: Good bounce-back candidate?

A: Definitely. He was. Guaranteed.

Q: Was Gio Gonzalez a good pickup now that he was in the National League?

A: Without a doubt. I’d stake my reputation on it.

Q: Will Travis Snider have been traded as of the end of the season?

A: Yes, to the Pirates. So if you were in an AL-only league, you should have watched out.

Q: Can Jake Peavy really have been a useful starter for a whole season?

A: Indeed! I will make the bold prediction that he was have been would be is!

Q: Tim Lincecum: big dropoff, or bigger dropoff?

A: Big dropoff.

Q: Can I have won with Josh Beckett and Jacoby Ellsbury leading my team?

A: Probably not.

Q: Sleeper picks of the year?

A: Mike Trout. He would have been my number one pick, if the 2012 draft was today.

Q: What do you predict for 2011?

A: Much better season for Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee, among others.

Q: Any long-term projections?

A: Take Maris in ’61.

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4 years 17 days ago


Greg W
4 years 17 days ago

This makes so much more sense that the way everybody else does it. I like answers I can count on.

What You Know About That
What You Know About That
4 years 17 days ago

Q: A player named Corndog finally makes his way to the major leagues?
A: You bet, and don’t forget such wonderifous names such as Jim Johnson, Josh Johnson, and Steve Johnson.

Wow, this comment is quite corny.