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Engage the Sports Machine!

Saturday Night Live – George F. Will’s Sports Machine – Video – NBC.com.

Unfortunately, I can’t get the video to embed properly, so you’ll have to click over (gasp!) to watch.

According to the description on NBC.com, George F. Will’s Sports Machine is “The most exciting sports show ever.” Dana Carvey plays the part of conservative columnist George Will, lampooning the thick, unfeeling prose that fills his book “Men At Work.” Mike Schmidt is portrayed by Corbin Bensen (Roger Dorn of Major League fame, thanks commenters) and John Lovitz uncannily portrays Tommy Lasorda.

The players have to answer questions about baseball, such as “What was [Willie Mays’s catch in 1954] not unlike?” with answers just as thick and trite. Eventually, Lasorda, Schmidt, the audience, and even ABC News personality Sam Donaldson reach the boiling point, asking Will if he ever played the game (clearly, by his arm, he hasn’t), and finally chasing him out of the studio.

Dana Carvey has always been one of my favorite SNL cast members, and this is no exception. His impression, as always, is flawless. Enjoy.