Entirely Pandering GIF: Yordano Ventura’s Curveball Yesterday

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Largely famous for his very celeritous fastball, Kansas City right-hander Yordano Ventura recorded six of his 10 strikeouts on Monday night against San Diego via his very sufficient curveball (box).

It was the author’s intention, initially, to celebrate that curveball and the beauty within it via a painstakingly composed post. What a combination both of (a) wisdom and (b) sloth have revealed, however, is that the world would contain the same exact amount of Truth and Beauty were he (i.e. that same author) merely to embed here an animated GIF of Ventura’s curveball from Monday that produced the most vertical break — in this case, to strike out very large Kyle Blanks in the fourth inning from that same game.

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Looks like Kyle got Blanksed.


While his pitches are, yes, impressive. Less impressive is the fact that Mr. Blanks was the one swinging the bat. I think YOU could strike him out, Carson.