Eric Davis’s Rather Large Firearm

First, please consider the following photographic image …

It occurs to this chronicler that there are but two possible explanations for the ballistic weapon, which is certainly large and quite possibly in charge, that you see alongside Mr. Davis. The obvious one, I suppose, is that Mr. Davis’s baseball-ing chops are so substantial, so prepossessing, so like a large gun that they are best symbolized by a large gun. The other, less obvious explanation is that the streets of Cincinnati are afflicted and in need of taking back. And so desperate are conditions that only Eric Davis and his stylish red pocket square and his Joe Piscopo gun can … take back the streets.

On another level, this is Eric Damn Davis, and any answer is the correct one.

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  1. David says:

    Nothing says “I’m in business, the business of baseball” like a sharp suit highlighted by coordinating your tie and pocket square with your stirrups and cleats.

    And are those baseballs for bullets? Awesome.

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  2. RMR says:

    I had this poster on my wall as a child, right next to my “Red Hot” poster of Barry Larkin.

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  3. Nate says:

    Piscopo: “…it shoots through schools.”


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  4. NateR says:

    I will no have various versions of ‘ you shouldn’t hang me on hook Johnny, my mother hung me on hook once…..once’ running thru my head the rest of the day.

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  5. WTF? says:

    I had an Eric Davis .44 Magnum shirt as a kid. Couldn’t wear that to school these days….

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  6. Vince C. says:

    Nice find! I remember my brother having this poster in his bedroom during his baseball-mad days in the 80′s. I also remember the “big head” caricature shirts around that same time. I believe I owned a Tony Gwynn, Wade Boggs, Eric Davis and Don Mattingly.

    Thank you, Dayn, for doing your part in extending our youth. It seriously made my day.

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