Erotic GIF: Matt Harvey’s Slider to Jedd Gyorko

Harvey Slider 1

Sometimes people are like, “Stop making GIFs of Matt Harvey‘s slider every second of your life,” and other times they’re like, “Stop signing all your business memos to me as ‘Private Private Dancer.’”

What the world needs to learn, though, is that Carson Cistulli is a private private dancer, and that Matt Harvey’s slider — like this particular one to San Diego’s Jedd Gyorko from ca. 20 minutes ago — needs to be captured and rendered into as many animated GIFs as there are sands on the shores.

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

16 Responses to “Erotic GIF: Matt Harvey’s Slider to Jedd Gyorko”

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  1. Marcat says:

    I…I have to go clean myself

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  2. Jeffrey Paternostro says:

    My gifs are so potent that in this small segment
    I made all of the ladies in the area pregnant

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  3. Kris says:

    what you posted is little more than black magic, and does not impress me at all. I would like to see a gif of the entire creative process involved in creating a matt harvey slider gif.

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  4. dovif says:

    Harvey looked filthy today, a one hitter going when the wind was going out. It looks like most of the projection might be selling him short this year.

    It will be interesting whether ML hitter can make the adjustments

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  5. BurleighGrimes says:

    This slider…something this filthy shouldn’t even be allowed on the internet.

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  6. metscity says:


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  7. Greg says:

    The scary part about that slider is that it came at 90 mph. Good luck with that.

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  8. Steven says:

    PitchFX put it at 1″ of horizontal movement, 8″ of vertical.

    I am assuming this means 1 in away and 8 inches down. Doesn’t it look like it has more run than that?

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    • James Donahew says:

      It has to move more than that regardless of what we are seeing from this camera angle.

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    • adam says:

      I think what your not taking into account is the plane the ball is traveling on, it is fired across his body, so that’s why your seeing it sweep across the plate, but in general most of the action is on the downward plane

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  9. ljc says:

    I still can’t get past the fact that all the apostrophes that immediately follow player name links are backwards.

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  10. Ray says:

    This gif belongs on youporn!

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  11. Jay29 says:

    I know Keith Herndandez thought it was erotic. He was moaning with pleasure after every good pitch by Harvey.

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