Erotic Video: Yu Darvish Strikeout Montage

Reader DShep of SB Nation Rangers blog Lone Star Ball not only edited together a single video of all 221 of Yu Darvish‘s strikeouts this season, he also set said montage to the hottest jams of the author’s childhood.

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14 Responses to “Erotic Video: Yu Darvish Strikeout Montage”

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  1. bpoe13 says:

    Was he making popcorn the whole time he was putting it together?

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  2. Petetown Matt says:

    That’s a really well made video. The guy syncs up the sound of the ball hitting the glove to the song. Awesome

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  3. Desk says:

    Awesomest or most awesomest video about a Rangers Pitcher this year?

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  4. Crazy Jorge says:

    MC Hammer says: Clown choice on George Harrison and Hall & Oates, bro.

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  5. bluejays49 says:

    Awesome. It seemed like about 75 were against the Angels.

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  6. Bip says:

    i thought the George Harrison part in particular was perfect. I think Yu Darvish and that song will forevermore be inseparable in my mind.

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  7. Dave (UK) says:

    Awesome montage. It struck me that there weren’t many called 3rd strikes and when there were they were grouped together; possibly the effect of a scouting report or team approach to facing Darvish?

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  8. Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown says:

    Girl, Yu really got me now. Awesome stuff.

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  9. Jim Lahey says:

    This should have a NSFW warning attached.

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  10. oldschoolways says:

    These jams are dangerously hot!

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  11. Ignatz says:

    Needed more running along the beach, but otherwise fantastic.

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  12. Dan says:

    It’s like he throws a whiffleball for that slider.

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