Errata and Appendices


In a recent article about Jason Heyward undergoing an appendectomy, we noted that a player named Matt Halladay had previously undergone an appendectomy and missed little time afterwards. We were obviously referring instead to Roy Holliday of the Pittsadelphia Marmondbacks, also founder of the “Holliday In” chain of fast-casual restaurants. We were also mistaken about the identity of the player who had surgery yesterday. It was Dirk Hayhurst, not Jason Heyward, and he had surgery on an appendage (an armish-looking leg, we believe) rather than his appendix. The operation took place in Detroit, not Denver, and was announced just before 1 AM Greenwich Mean Time, not Eastern time, as we originally reported. The procedure took place not in a hospital, but in a house-pital, a house that has been converted into a surgical center. We reported that the typical recovery from such a procedure is 2-3 weeks, when in fact it is 20-30 seconds, and Hayhurst is currently resting comfortably in a Halladay Inn Express. He is expected to make a full recovery and rejoin the Buffalo Bills well before the third period.


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In fairness to the beat writer, looking above the headline I see “Posted: 3:00 am Tuesday, April 23, 2013”.

If you are going to make a mistake like that, 3:00 am is the time to make it.