Essence of Twitter Embodied by Single Tweet

On Thursday, Twitter lurched to a halt and then sloughed off into the murky fathoms of the sea when a single tweet embodied the entire essence of the very medium of which it was believed to be but an infinitesimal sliver. This is that tweet:

And this is the Internet.

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5 Responses to “Essence of Twitter Embodied by Single Tweet”

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  1. Will Montgomery says:

    From Mr. Ray’s Twitter bio: “Options Trader by day, DJ/Producer by night!”

    Well, that explains it.

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  2. John Thacker says:

    I thought the essence of Twitter was Patrick Stewart complaining about trying to get cable service and William Shatner tweeting back in sympathy with his own cable issues.

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  3. Sabermetric Solutions says:

    Lenny Ray, representing a generation. I’m not sure if I should laugh or nod somberly.

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  4. Mr. Observant says:


    Is it fair to suggest that @lennyray has treated the usage of Twitter like a rubber around his cock?

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