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Extry, Extry: Jeff Bagwell Ate Lots of Meat

From Tom Verducci’s column on his Hall-of-Fame ballot comes this little (Chicken Mc) nugget:

It was not preventing me from voting for Bagwell in 2010, but a development gave me pause just as I was filling out my ballot in his first year of eligibility: a perplexing interview in which Bagwell condoned steroid use and attributed his bulk to “eating 30 pounds of meat every single day and . . . working out,” making no mention of the andro, the beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, the zinc tabs, creatine and whatever else.

Once more with the relevant portion in the town-crier’s all caps for maximum emphasis:


Like you, I don’t know whether to believe that Jeff Bagwell indeed made a habit of eating the equivalent of four human newborns every day, but I think I shall believe it anyway. Jeff Bagwell ate 30 pounds of meat every day. Thank him for the memories, but pity the hellscape of his colon.

(Nom nom: BTF)