MLB.TV (Likely) Functional Again on PS3

How the author feels on the inside.

More than three weeks after being shut down by Sony for security reasons, the PlayStation Network appears to be functional again, allowing those of us who use it (i.e. the Network) for MLB.TV to go back to complaining about unconscionable blackout rules and choppy feeds.

Note that returning to full functionality isn’t quite as easy as snapping your fingers (unless, that is, it takes you 10 or so minutes to snap your fingers just once — in which case, you’ll feel right at home). Each user will likely be prompted to do a system update and to reset his password to something that’s longer than 37 characters with at least one reference to Goethe’s oeuvre.

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

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  1. CSJ says:

    Changed my password to Michergeben!AufGnadundUngnad!MitwemredetIhr!BinicheinRäuber!SagdeinemHauptmann:VorIhroKaiserlicheMajestäthabich,wieimmer,schuldigenRespekt.Eraber,sag’sihm,erkannmichimArschelecken!1773

    Thank God for the “Remember Password” feature.

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  2. Sven Ha says:

    I bought a PS3 –solely for — the day the network went down. So I never was able to get the app. I was pleased to learn that the network is back up. But The PlayStation Store is still down. Is that the only place to get the app for the PS3?

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