Extry, Extry: Rob Neyer Leaving ESPN

One of these people is definitely Rob Neyer.

Friend of the blog and all-around ubermensch Rob Neyer is leaving his SweetSpot blog and ESPN, entirely.

From his most recent (and last) post for same:

A Quick Programming Note …

Fifteen years ago, I moved to Seattle to work for a company called Starwave. The company did a lot of things, but I was hired — and this might surprise you — mostly to edit fantasy-related content for a website called ESPNet.SportsZone.com; a few years later, we became the ESPN.com that everyone knows and loves so well.

Frankly, it’s a minor miracle that I’ve been here ever since. I was the new guy, didn’t know how I was supposed to behave, and somewhat routinely ran afoul of my bosses and their bosses. I owe a great deal to their good graces, and I’m sorry I can’t thank everyone who’s allowed me to do what I love for so long. I will toss extra hosannas to Geoff Reiss, David Schoenfield, and David Kull, for reasons they know only too well. Collectively, they’re No. 2 on the all-time list.

You’re No. 1.

Whether you’ve been reading my ramblings since 1996 or just since last week, you have my profound, impossible-to-express-in-words gratitude. There is not a working writer on Earth who’s more grateful than I for his readers. Without you, I would have nothing.

Today, I hand off this space to whoever’s next. I don’t know yet who is next, but I’m highly confident that this blog and the SweetSpot Network will soon be in excellent hands.

Meanwhile, I’ll be around. The kids tell me it’s all about search these days. You won’t have to search real hard to find me, if you want.

Happy trails, until we meet again.

Perhaps I, personally, will include some thoughts on Neyer’s departure in this space laters on today.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to include your own Neyer-related stories in the comments.

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11 Responses to “Extry, Extry: Rob Neyer Leaving ESPN”

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  1. Ben says:

    My fondest Neyer moment happened recently: My first article on ESPN was about the same topic he wrote about that day. Won’t ever forget it. Put down some numbers about Kevin Brown being worth of HOF consideration and he wrote a similar article at the same time while we had no contact. Not a great story, but a fun coincidence for my first publication on that website.

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  2. Chad Golden says:

    who gives a shit?

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  3. Danmay says:

    As long as he keeps writing I can’t say I’m the least bit sad about this. (Unless it was against his will, in which case that is a tough and not deserved break for Neyer.)

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  4. inb4 Fangraphs scoops up Neyer

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  5. ofMontreal says:

    Rob says to do a search in his message, so he obviously will be seen soon. But more importantly, he really was the gateway drug for maybe millions of educated fans. That’s a lot for any person in one life right there.

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  6. danny woytek says:

    Fav Neyer moment has to be at a Portland Beavers game in early May during the crappiest spring in Portland history (that’s saying alot). There were an inordinate amount of foul balls hit that night, and because of the sparse crowd almost every kid in attendance went home with a souvenir. Late in the game a rocket foul ball comes into the press box, Neyer fetches the foul ball with the idea of giving the ball to one of the few children left in attendance on a school night.

    Rob spent about 3 or 4 full minutes trying to give the ball to a kid, literally the last one in the stadium (only a few hundred people in attendance that night). There was no way Neyer was gonna leave the stadium without finding a kid to give that ball to. Too cool. Really nice moment/guy

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  7. Chad Golden says:

    ESPN is steaming pile of crap.

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  8. Chad Golden says:

    A steaming pile of crap. Sorry for leaving out “a”. Tweet that ass wipes…

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