Extry, Extry: Roy Halladay Spokesman for MLB 2K11

This photo confirms our suspicions: Roy Halladay is actually three different people.

2K Sports, makers of sporting video games, have announced via their Facebook page (and maybe some other places, too — I don’t know) that Roy Halladay will grace the cover of MLB 2K11.

The news demands at least three questions, which I ask below and attempt to answer:

Q. Is it possible to announce that Roy Halladay will be on the cover of MLB 2K11 without making it just seem like a giant advertisement for the game?
A. That’s tough. I’m going with “yes,” though.

Q. Is grace only ever used as a verb to describe how someone’s on the cover of a book or album or periodical or something?
A. I don’t think so. It’s also common to say that so-and-so has graced us with his/her presence. Still, its usage is pretty specific.

Q. How will the game compare to MLB ’11: The Show?
A. Probably not excellently. Also, Kevin Butler won’t be in the commercials for it.

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