FanGraphs Sans Labels

Please begin this reading experience by enjoying the following graph:

You may be under the impression that this graph represents the win expectancy of the Toronto Blue Jays as they faced the Oakland Athletics on July 25, 2012. It is certainly within the realm of possibility. However, without labels, we cannot be sure! It could also be one of the following, as the Y value relates to X:

1. The collective hope of Toronto Blue Jays fans (Y) / time (X)
2. The win expectancy of Charles d’Albret in facing the British at Agincourt / time
3. The amount of sense in a Peter Gammons tweet / the amount of characters in said tweet
4. The quality of cereal in milk / time
5. The number of stories about bird watching in Sports Illustrated / year
6. The ability to feel sorry about one’s self / number of pages read of Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning
7. The satisfaction received from drafting Daniel Bard in 2012 / time
8. The number of aquatic frogs owned in a given aquarium / survival rate of said frogs
9. The enjoyment derived from having a new smartphone / time
10. The amount of churlishness in a Horatio Alger protagonist / time
11. The number of gamers / average progress made in TMNT for the NES

There are literally dozens of possibilities. Collect and trade them with your friends!

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Patrick Dubuque is a wastrel and a general layabout. Many of the sites he has written for are now dead. Follow him on Twitter @euqubud.

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Semi Pro
Semi Pro

RE #11: I only once ever made it through the bomb defusing dam level. So very frustrating.

Smokey the Bear
Smokey the Bear

Did you click reboot?