Finally, Technology Helps Humanity

Tired of German geniuses employing their vast intellect to invent super bombs? Exhausted from the onslaught of innovation that brings only violence, terror, and Kardashians to your front door?

Well, we finally have a tool that will allow us to ingest more baseball while watching live baseball — we finally have a legitimate use for the great Google Glass experiment:

That’s right. It starts here. It starts with basic pitch-by-pitch data. Eventually Google will wise up and make full glasses (with transparency and sunglasses modes) so that I can go to, say, a Mariners and Rockies inter-league matchup and use my Google Glass to watch fullscreen HD feeds of, say, a Rays and Yankees game because who on earth would care about a Mariners-Rockies matchup?

Oh, behold, a bucket of greasy ballpark thanks to Frank Spinillo for passing along the relevant data — all without a Google Glass, too!

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12 Responses to “Finally, Technology Helps Humanity”

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  1. CubsOfTheNorth says:

    Time travelers.

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  2. David says:

    At some point we’re going to see some sort of real time pitch tracking available on the Google Glass. At some point too this sort of wearable tech will also be as ubiquitous as cell phones. For the sake of umpires making bad calls, I can only hope that they have already been replaced by robots at this point.

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  3. Charlie says:


    At Chase Field, these glasses will inform you what inning t-shirt time, move it move it, kiss cam, muscle cam, and VIP card time will happen.

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  4. Josh Hamilton says:

    Do they make Google glasses that correct for the impact of daylight on blue eyes?

    If not, can they make a pair?

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  5. leeroy says:

    And yet they still display batting average, RBI, W-L, and ERA. Unbelievable.

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  6. Hitler But Sadder says:

    The sooner the better with all this stuff… I am sick of looking like a dick at games when I watch other games on my iPad.

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  7. reillocity says:

    So who was the Blue marketing genius that thought it was a good idea to superimpose awful, target-demographic-inappropriate music on top of the game sounds?

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  8. Shortstuff says:

    It’s too bad technology can’t just show me the game in my home so I can get some use out of my holy boxers. We can always dream.

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  9. jcxy says:

    Is the song by avalanches?

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