Fine Art: Craig Kimbrel with Dismembered Human

It’s been the custom in the last half-century or so for critics to ask expressly — and artists, obliquely, through their work — to ask, “What is art?”

I think we can all agree that this photo portrait of relief pitcher Craig Kimbrel, courtesy the Atlanta Braves official Twitter feed, answers the question decisively.

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5 Responses to “Fine Art: Craig Kimbrel with Dismembered Human”

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  1. Michael says:

    That’s him on the left after his manager rode his rookie arm into the ground in 2011, but who’s that on the right?

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    • Dusty Baker says:

      77 IP isn’t enough work. How did Craig even qualify for ROY honors. 77 IP is only about eight games worth of service, divide that by a full season and you get only a smaller number. Some fraction that doesn’t even come equal to one. Jesus Gonzalez, for what did he even get paid!?

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  2. Clayton says:

    “Human liver looks just as good as a cow’s. mmm,” the Wallace State Community College attendee may have thought, in accord with my own appraisal of the art. But, is this Kimbrel’s strikeout victim, or an effigy flayed to satiate what supernatural force shut down the 2011 Braves.

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