THREE Genuine True FACTS About Munenori Kawasaki

FACT #1:

Munenori Kawasaki is the starting second baseman for the not-tanking Toronto Blue Jays. (He has played in all by 1 games since June 17.) (And he has an 89 wRC+.)

FACT #2:

According to Scientific Projections, Munenori Kawasaki will be the greatest hitter in baseball within the next five years:

Munenori Kawasaki Projection

Kawasaki Projection

FACT #3:

Muni is not at all terrible at defense:

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9 Responses to “THREE Genuine True FACTS About Munenori Kawasaki”

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  1. Mike Green says:

    One of these facts is not like the others.

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  2. Rob Ford says:

    I only saw 3 facts. Wheres the other one?

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  3. Bil Bo Baggins says:


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  4. KB says:

    I really, really, really thought that the joke made in this post was that there are only three facts when the title said five. And I thought it was a little funny. Now I’ve got nothing. Why must you take away everything I love?

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