Five More Pocket Tweets from Peter Gammons

Early in January, we took a moment out of our busy schedules to appreciate some of the accidental, or pocket, tweets from Mr. Peter Gammons (@pgammo).

Four months later, the man whom no one has ever called George Plimpton for the 21st Century continues to refine his craft.

Below are five notable contributions to the genre of the pocket tweet — all from the past month.

5. This is from today, actually, and features one of the hardest letters to find while playing the Alphabet Game on a road trip.

4. This is Gammons’ impersonation of a laser gun.

3. Peter Gammons is a business, man.

2. Three is a magic number, but six is two threes. (Think, think about it.)

1. Does Peter Gammons want you to apologize? It’s not clear, but you probably should, anyway.

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3 Responses to “Five More Pocket Tweets from Peter Gammons”

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  1. AustinRHL says:

    Unfortunately, nothing will likely ever measure up to “Wok bm pppppppppppppppppppppppppp”.

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  2. Padman Jones says:

    The Zap one was made even funnier by the RTs adding in other comic book noises. Don’t have a screenshot, but the last one I saw (from Jon Bois) had, I think, KAPOW!, CRACK! and AAOOGA.

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  3. Johnson says:

    Gammons is a modern day riddle man.

    1) plops{at}
    2) This has an indirect affect on 5)
    3) Gammo’s “code” for bm.
    4) Clearly he is naming his favorite American Gladiator
    5) 6. Q’s is a standard radio interview. You ask the guest about six questions.

    Or something like that.

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