Five Notes on MiLB.TV, Which the Author Has Just Purchased

1. The author purchased this weekend MiLB.TV as part of his 2013 subscription to MLB.TV. The service, which costs ca. $40 by itself, costs half that (ca. $20) when bundled with an MLB.TV subscription.

2. Here is a graphic — clickable for purposes of embiggening — of all the clubs whose home games are made available with MiLB.TV.

MILB TV Cropped 2

3. With a active MiLB.TV subscription, it’s possible to view archived games from 2012 — an endeavor in which at least one person, or maybe even two people, must have some interest.

4. Some little inspection reveals — as the reader might expect — considerably more variety in production value among minor-league broadcasts than major-league ones. While searching for footage of Dylan Bundy, for example, the author found two instances in which he (i.e. Bundy) had pitched at an MiLB.TV-participating ballpark — in both cases at White Sox Sally League affiliate Winston-Salem. Unfortunately, broadcasts of Winston-Salem games do not feature any sort of center-field camera angle, nor any other sort of camera angle that would allow one to get a sense of Bundy’s repertoire.

5. That said, there are other instances in which the camera angles/production quality are entirely adequate. For example, as the following GIFs reveal — all from the second inning of a late-August International League game between Indianapolis (Pirates) and Toledo (Tigers) — the center-field camera at Toledo’s Fifth Third Field is well-suited to depicting completely the wild eroticism of Phil Irwin‘s curveball.

Like this curveball to Toledo DH John Lindsey:

Irwin K Lindsey 2nd

And this one, to second baseman Danny Worth:

Irwin CU to Worth 2nd

And also this slow-motion one, to shortstop Argenis Diaz:

Irwin CU Looking to Diaz 2

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10 Responses to “Five Notes on MiLB.TV, Which the Author Has Just Purchased”

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  1. Dan Rozenson says:

    Valuable research and a splendid advertisement.

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  2. Bill says:

    That first curveball gif is sick. That is some big-league break.

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  3. Tim says:

    Unfortunately, due to blackout restrictions, live MiLB.TV games will only be available within the city limits of Plentywood, ND.

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  4. Tom Adkins says:

    This is a big step for you and for FanGraphs. I am hugely excited about the prospect of animated GIFs from minor-league games becoming a regular feature on these associated blogs. Not to mention the inevitable blog post ranking Triple-A center-field camera angles.

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  5. canuckassassin says:

    I can only assume that the Buffalo and Las Vegas affiliations will be switched, allowing me to view both the Blue Jays depleted farm system and the Mets buffed (courtesy of the Blue Jays) farm system.

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  6. PioneerSkies says:

    How is the camera angle at Security Service Field?

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  7. reillocity says:

    There are some other weird ones. I think it was Hagerstown that provided only a fixed camera angle from high behind homeplate and the only audio was the PA announcer from the ballpark. It was as if you were seated in the upper deck behind the plate but completely unable to move.

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    • xHoratiox says:

      This is funny because I remember looking for Harper’s games last year when he was there and then I saw that camera angle. ‘WTF’ is the best description for it.

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  8. How did you buy your 2013 MiLB.TV subscription? The only links I find on the webpage require me to buy it bundled with MLB.TV.

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