For Sake of Reference: Footage of Tony Pena Jr. Pitching

There’s a possibility — like, probably about a 50% possibility or 65% possibility or something — that, at some point in his life, the reader will need to locate, with due celerity, action footage of former major-league shortstop and current minor-league pitcher Tony Pena Jr.

What this post at NotGraphs is all about is rendering that service real hard. “To what end?” the reader might ask. “Monetary gains? Political favors?” To which line of inquiry the author replies: “No. None of that. Only the satisfaction of having assisted a fellow pilgrim on this goddamn camino we call Life.”

Which is to say, what follows is Tony Pena pitching for Puerto Rican club Caguas Dominican club Escogido during Caribbean Series play earlier this afternoon.

First, striking out Dominican Puerto Rican outfielder Daniel Ortiz on a high-80s fastball:

Pena to Ortiz

And then, striking out also the next batter, Edgardo Baez, on a high-70s slider:

Pena to Baez 3

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6 Responses to “For Sake of Reference: Footage of Tony Pena Jr. Pitching”

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  1. Garrigus Carraig says:

    I think you’ve got it backwards. Tony Peña is pitching for Dominican Republic, who I believe are represented by Leones de Escogido, against Puerto Rico (Caguas).

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  2. Tim says:

    He has also apparently changed his name to “Orange” for some reason. I suppose this will make him more distinguishable from the other Tony Peña.

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  3. Zach Sanders says:

    The run on his fastball gets me all kinds of excited.

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