For Sake of Reference: Scott Kazmir’s Last Three Pitches

Managing editor Dave Cameron wrote this morning about the formerly quite impressive and more recently less impressive Scott Kazmir‘s very impressive start on Thursday against Oakland — during which start Kazmir not only posted a 10:0 strikeout-to-walk ratio, but also (and perhaps more importantly to the left-hander’s immediate future) featured a fastball that was sitting at 95 mph by the end of the game (box).

What follows, for sake of reference, are Kazmir’s last three pitches — which pitches (a) represent three of the four hardest fastballs Kazmir threw all game and (b) were thrown consecutively, all for strikes, to Luke Montz.

Here, recorded at 95.78 mph, is Kazmir’s first pitch to Montz — which Montz fouls off:

Kaz Montz 1

Next, at 96.23 mph (Kazmir’s fastest of the afternoon), is Kazmir’s second pitch to Montz, for strike-two looking.

Kaz Montz 2

Finally, here’s strike three, swinging, at 95.81 mph:

Kaz Montz 3

Credit to Brooks Baseball for PITCHf/x data.

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  1. Choo says:

    Spaghetti thrown against a ceiling fan would be jealous of that recoil.

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  2. Valen Dreth says:

    Forget about the curveball Scotty, give him the heater!!!!

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