x Hall of Fame built atop ancient steroid factory (9 posts, 3 new)

x Michael Bourn, Shaun Marcum having secret love affair, scaring away potential suitors (21 posts, 20 new)

x A-Rod Dying of Natural Causes (110 posts, 71 new)

x Electric fence at Safeco stopping balls from leaving????? (3 posts, 1 new)

x New evidence Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell same person, also on steroids (17 posts, 14 new)

x Royals run by communists hell-bent on league-wide parity (2 posts, 2 new)

x Denard SPAN’s last name is NAPS backwards = he is fantasy SLEEPER! (44 posts, 29 new)

x Mike Napoli’s “hip problem” is code for SECRET PREGNANCY!!!!!!! (1 post, 1 new)

x Babe Ruth making comeback 2013? (26 posts, 25 new)

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  1. Codylee says:

    I’m very disappointed that doesn’t exist.

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    • AC of DC says:

      I was going to express disappointment that there was so little apparent interest in the prospect of Mike Napoli’s pregnancy, but then I realized that it’s simply what we expect: You let them eye-talians into the game, they’s bound to get themselves all knocked up. Durn shameful.

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  2. RA Rowe says:

    Me too. I have a friend who has a great theory regarding the mysterious ailments that have plagued Joe Mauer, and how vague the Twins have been about them.

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  3. steex says:

    With very little tweaking, these could instead read like MLB Enquirer or an episode of Extra/ET/whatever.

    A few examples to wit:

    Is the baseball Hall of Fame built atop an ancient steroid factory, with the ghosts of cheating past haunting the game?

    Are things heating up between Michael Bourn and Shaun Marcum, and is there a third party in on their love triangle?

    Learn about A-Rod’s latest injury that may leave not just his future, but his life in question.

    Mike Napoli’s hip problem: is he really Preggers!?!

    All this and more on tonight’s Extra!

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