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Found Poetry: NotGraphs Advertiser Poetry

I recently encountered a new means of writing poetry. The method is simple: Collect several disparate magazines; cut out some phrases. Don’t have a plan. Just cut.

Get different kinds of magazines too. The Economist, Sports Illustrated, Womanly Digest of Femmerica. Don’t try to remember what you’ve cut out and don’t try to look for certain words. Put the pieces together, scramble them, add a few words, add some S’s, and make a poem.

Well, I did a proxy of this method. A facsimile, perhaps. I used only the adds here on NotGraphs, FanGraphs, and RotoGraphs. Most of these ads tried to tell me I needed to buy something to finally great that Great New Plateau in life. So I went ahead and built a contrary poem. Hopefully it will convey what is true; that you, dear human reader, are beautiful, if you’ll accept that:

Poem that is Found