Frank Wren Pulls a Jackie Moon

After the injury to Brian McCann, the Braves found themselves searching for depth at catcher. The Brewers were only too happy to oblige, sending Triple-A catcher Wil Nieves to Atlanta. The return? One dollar. That’s right.

Come on, Doug Melvin. You couldn’t even wrangle a washing machine out of the Braves? Frank Wren would make Jackie Moon proud — the same Jackie Moon who acquired key point guard Ed Monix for a mere washing machine:

Announcer: Welcome back to Tropics Weekly. The ABA has announced that the top four teams will merge with the NBA after this season. Seizing the opportunity owner/player/coach Jackie Moon has already made the first move acquiring Ed Monix from the Kentucky Colonels.

Moon: Yeah! I’m a pretty aggressive owner. Uh when I heard Kentucky needed a washing machine I looked at ours even though we need ours. Uh I said “I gotta pull the trigger on this.”

I await Frank Wren telling Nieves he wishes the catcher was still a one-dollar bill.

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8 Responses to “Frank Wren Pulls a Jackie Moon”

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  1. Johnny says:

    Yeah, but that’s a dollar plus tax, so it’s really like $1.09

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  2. Adam W says:

    “One dollar for eternal happiness… Eh, I’d be happier with the dollar.”

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  3. That’s like 94 cents Canadian. Insane

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  4. TheGrandSlamwich says:

    Wasn’t there a player in the 1920′s who literally was traded for a washing machine?

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  5. Wil Nieves says:

    How bad must I suck to be traded for just $1?

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    • Temo says:

      Specious reasoning since guys like Rios got “traded” for nothing.

      Still trying to figure out Vernon Wells wasn’t acquired for negative money though.

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  6. Jackie Moon says:

    “Pulling” a Jackie Moon is never a good thing ;)

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