French Baseball: Rouen’s Tunnels de Frappe Nearly Done

Tunnels 2

“What do the people want?” the author has asked himself today. And: “When do they want it?” is another thing he’s wondered.

“French baseball news updates,” is the answer that’s presented itself. And: “Now,” appears to be the moment at which that sort of information would be most welcome.

It’s in fulfillment of the Public’s demands, then, that the present author relays this dispatch from France’s Division √Člite. The Rouen Huskies, it appears — winners of France’s last eight baseball championships — have utilized the offseason towards the end of constructing a tunnels de frappe couverts.

A schematic of the tunnels is available above. A photo of same in its nearly finished state is featured below. The inevitable conclusions regarding this life — that it’s a shadow-world of disappointments — are present throughout the entirety of this whole post.

tunnels-pole 1

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8 Responses to “French Baseball: Rouen’s Tunnels de Frappe Nearly Done”

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  1. The Return of Rambo Diaz says:

    The disappointment with life that fills me was exactly what I wanted, interestingly.

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  2. Caleb says:

    What makes Rouen such a baseball powerhouse? Is it the cidre normandaise, or perhaps Jeanne d’Arc was a big fan of dingers?

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  3. Ramblin' Gamblin' Man says:

    Thus, similarly in Hong Kong, where I actually am. Now.

    $30 HKD/14 pitches (my only option, as I’m a lefty) works out to over 27 cents per pitch. I have the opportunity, the means, and the motive to do this. I could.

    Instead, I will spend that $30 HKD on a hamburger from McDonalds, which, appropriately enough, is made entirely of chicken.

    Plus ca change…

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    • Also in Hong Kong says:

      Hey I’ll pitch to ya for free.

      Signed the only other fangraphs reader in Hong Kong?

      But, uh, fuck McDonalds. Q-Bay Burger in Quarry Bay. Best burger I’ve ever had, which is to say, it is in my stomach right now, or, if not in my stomach, then making it’s way down…down…down…

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  4. jim says:

    obviously a front

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  5. Jack Samsonite says:

    Poor design. Line drives back up the middle are going to hit the back wall and come back to drill the pitcher/feeder. Some French baseball players are going to get drilled from behind, and not in the way that they like.

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