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Gavin Floyd? More Like GavYAWN FloYAWNd!

Posted By David G. Temple On December 18, 2013 @ 11:26 pm In Big Idea | 17 Comments

  • Gavin Floyd’s 2006 Honda Civic still gets 32 MPG, thanks to a rigorous schedule of oil changes and a good dose of fuel additives.
  • Gavin Floyd’s favorite meal is boiled chicken breast with white rice and a little bit of parmesan cheese. If he’s feeling randy, he’ll add some onions.
  • Gavin Floyd’s favorite song is that one by Kelly Clarkson. No, the other one. I dunno, sing it.
  • Gavin Floyd has water delivered to his home. He finds city water too spicy.
  • Gavin Floyd’s favorite color is clear.
  • The ratio of cigarettes smoked by a 14-year-old Gavin Floyd to confessions of smoking by Gavin Floyd to his priest is precisely 1:23.
  • Gavin Floyd clicks Like for every post he sees on Facebook, so as to not make anyone feel left out.
  • Gavin Floyd’s favorite restaurant is the Applebee’s at the airport.
  • Gavin Floyd’s favorite Star Wars movie is Episode I.
  • Gavin Floyd has seen every episode of NCIS at least twice.

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