George Brett Poops Himself

This past weekend at the FanGraphs gathering in Phoenix, Mr. Carson Cistulli stated that he had never seen the George Brett-poops-himself video. I couln’t believe it, so I decided to hook him up. In case some of our other readers have also been deprived of this video, “enjoy.”

[Ed. Note: contains a wide and winning variety of explicit language.]

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Remix Version

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  1. “I’m good twice a year for that”: still unpacking this sentence, and will likely continue to do so all day.

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  2. Kyle says:

    I welcome any excuse to revisit these videos. Thank you (?)

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  3. mattmaison says:

    Would love to see a ‘Where Are They Now’ with the other players in that video and have them talk about what they were thinking as he was telling the story.

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  4. Fletch says:

    I’m still laughing at “the most perfect double-tapered **** I’ve ever had in my life.” Definitely one of those rare moments when TMI is flat-out awesome.

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  5. dudley says:

    that wasn’t pine tar.

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  6. Dauber says:

    Little known fact–George may have gotten more than his share of the family baseball talent, but you will not find a better fecal story teller in the Brett than Mr. Kenneth Alven Brett.

    In fact, George was always known in his hometown, as “the other sh*t-takin’ Brett.” Ken was king, and George never came to terms with it, even stealing Ken’s trademark “perfect double-tapered sh*t” line and trying to boost his stats by exaggerating that he’d sh*t himself “twice a year”. A quick search found that in no year has George had a woopsCRAP above 1 and has lifetime yearly average of 0.27. Sadly, this does happen when one sibling’s talent outshines the other’s.

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  7. mattc says:

    How do you think he ended up with that raging case of hemorrhoids.

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  8. Ethman says:

    “Straight water”

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