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Get Your Personal Computer Ready for the Baseball Season with These NotGraphs Desktop Wallpapers!

Pitchers and catchers have reported! Does your Personal Computer Desktop reflect the excitement? NO?! Fear not, loyal reader: NotGraphs provides!

From the creator of the acclaimed 1986 Topps Wallpaper, NotGraphs presents these fine NotGraphs Personal Computer Desktop Wallpapers, featuring some of the more “colourful” baseballing personalities that frequent These Very Electronic Pages. Your Personal Computer Desktop will be conveying Spring Training Fever — and more ;) — at the click of your mouse!

Please Note: all wallpapers are optimized for a 1680×1050 screen, but should lineup very closely with all 15-inch screens. Open them in a new window/tab and download them all, if you like!

Now, in the words of Mr. Miyagi, Choose!

Let Timmy offer you balls every morning when you boot up!

Let Hunter Pitt-Pence scare your dad!

This Joe West wallpaper doubles as anti-virus software!

Let Joe Maddon coach you in nerd-dom every day!

The requisite Dick Allen wallpaper!

The requisite Dick Allen game-worn helmet wallpaper!

Are we MLB superstars? We are Personal Computer Desktop Wallpaper!

Tampa Bay Nerd Rays: The Personal Computer Desktop Wallpaper!

Let David Price creep you out!

The requisite blurry-because-he’s-stoned Kent Hrbek wallpaper!

The requisite Champion Kent Hrbek wallpaper!

Earl Weaver will get your dumb desktop files in order!

Be inspired to live the Earl Weaver Way with this charming wallpaper!

And no set of NotGraphs Personal Computer Desktop Wallpapers would be complete without a few featuring your favorite NG personalities:

The very model of productivity!

The very model of the American male!

Intentionally pixelated!

If I do any more, I’ll puke!