Giants Flaunt Championship Status (Less Effectively Than Their Elders)

In case you were under a rock last October and missed the San Francisco Giants’ infuriating magical run to become World Series champions, the Giants reminded everybody who the World Champions are and will be until at least next October. These gold-lettered jerseys (and gold-logo bearing caps) are pure swagger, the kind of swagger only a champion could pull off.

As cool as these jerseys are (And seriously, every champion team in every sport should do something like this. Screw patches. You won the World F*cking Championship. Go crazy, show it off.), they have nothing on the pure testicular fortitude shown by three teams from the initial third of the 20th century. The 1906 New York Giants, 1921 Cleveland Indians, and 1927 St. Louis Cardinals all wore uniforms with some form of “World Champions” emblazoned across the chest in lieu of the names of their cities or teams. And they didn’t just do it for one day like the 2011 Giants. They did it for the whole season. Just imagine the balls it would take to wear this jersey on a daily basis, and at every road park too.

Now that’s swagger.

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  1. Chris Scarberry says:


    That was a hilarious quick read. Almost seems a little bi-polar though, what with the crossed out infuriating followed by a bravado riddled squib about the deserving champs. I dig it though, you’re keeping it real. I root for the boys in orange and black and even I am a little tired of the championship celebrations. It’s time for baseball, no more pageantry, it’s a new season and it’s time to focus on that. Thanks for good chuckle and I agree flaunting a championship all year long at home and away is way beyond ridiculous it’s down right embarrassing.

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  2. Temo says:

    “In case you were under a rock last October”

    I’m trying to decide if the “rocktober” reference is there or not.

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  3. Ratto's Pants says:

    Matt Cain. Better than you.

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  4. MrKnowNothing says:

    As a Giants fan, I’m buying that jersey. Coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

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  5. Raphe says:

    Busch League


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