GIF: Astros Assault Each Other Physically, Again

There are people who will suggest to you, in your life, that “Violence is not the answer.” Those people are right, provided the question is something to the effect of, “What is the best way to resolve a conflict?”

That said, there are some questions to which “violence” is the answer — like, for example, “What is a means by which the Houston Astros field ground balls to the pitcher’s left?” “Violence” was the answer to that question on August 7th. It was also the answer to that question during the bottom of the fourth of the Astros’ game against the Mets today.

Regard, Fernando Abad and Jason Castro getting physical on R.A. Dickey‘s unintentional bunt situation:

And that same series of events, but slower and differenter:

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  1. DL80 says:

    Hilarious! But shouldn’t Dickey have been out for being (way) out of the basepath?

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    • Max says:

      The ball didn’t touch him, and nobody was trying to tag him, so no.

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    • says:

      The basepath is determined by where the runner has been running, not the chalk. Outs are called when the runner runs perpendicular to the basepath by 3+ feet, as I recall.

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    • Cooperstown2009 says:

      Nope that’s only if it affects the play. Seeing as the ball was nowhere near him and he beat the throw anyway, it doesn’t really matter.

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  2. Ruki Motomiya says:

    I think the great thing is he manages to actually make the throw with decent accuraccy…

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  3. Brian says:

    It’s not the first time several Astros decided to have a meeting on the infield:

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