GIF: Brandon Phillips Defends His Nation, Sort Of

Phillips Defense

This is action footage, first captured and then rendered into GIF form by the author, of Team USA second baseman Brandon Phillips making a decidedly above-average defensive play on a ground ball by Italian right fielder Mario Chiarini.

Humans are capable of this achievement: that’s the point of this dumb post.

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

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  1. beavis says:

    That’s why I love him bein a Red. Best 2-bagger around. Hands down.

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  2. Seitz says:

    I, for one, am impressed at the speed in which this was transferred from live action to animated gif.

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  3. Matt says:

    darwin barney wouldn’t have taken a half step in the wrong direction and would have just made this play routine looking. anyone can fall down and gun a guy out at first base like phillips here.

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    • Dayton Moore says:

      Can you make that falling down and throw play? I am not trying to be a Jeffrey Loria here, I’m seriously interested in signing you if you can make this play. As long as you can hit over .210 with at least 10 doubles a year. Also, you have to have speed which kills.

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  4. FamousAmazingGuy says:

    Re:”Humans are capable of this achievement”

    Pffft…. Despite your cursory knowledge on the subject Cistulli, you have no hard evidence that Brandon Phillips is human. Sure he may look and act the part, but where is your “science” in supporting this wild claim?

    I’d expect this kind of shoddy reporting from Amy K. Nelson, but not you Old Bean!

    Anyone who knows their history can tell you that Brandon Phillips was created by Dayn Perry in his basement as an entry to the 1983 midwest science fair.

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  5. Ty says:

    Being an infielder myself. Take good look at the swing. The batter kept his hands in and the head of the bat back. A good infielder reacts to the swing anticipating what the batter is trying to do with the ball. It was obvious to me the batter was going to the right side. Looking at the rest of the swing, when he makes contact with the ball the batter snaps the bat through the zone so that is why it ended up through the middle. Phillips reacted properly to the swing first, then to the ball coming off of the bat. That is something you can’t teach. Especially the reaction speed, footwork and coordination to make up the difference. Much less get the put out. Doesn’t matter who you think of is a better 2b’man, it was an excellent play. Only one maybe 2 on Dayton’s list could have made that play.

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  6. AC of DC says:

    Blah blah, mocketh I! Friday, March the 9th featured an item of international import far greater than another American triumph over the disordered remains of our Imperial forerunner. The World of this World Baseball Classic was exposed to the terrible truth that we of the USA have long known: our great, corpulent nation is humanity’s lone bulwark against the threat of war erupting between Canada and Mexico, our fellow swimmers in Pool D — two passionate peoples, two dread military machines, one fire to consume the globe. Whither the appropriate coverage from the NotGraphs journalistic team? If you can sleep on this, will anything wake you before it is too late?

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