GIF: Burnt, Two Ways

Steve Edlefsen technically had 14.2 Major League innings before last night. None of them probably prepared him for this.

What Vin Scully said:
“He was picked by the Red Sox as an infielder.”
“Looks like he should be a sidearmer.”
“Comebacker to the mound… took his glove right off!”
“Nice try by Edlefsen.”

What assorted people in my living room said:
“Did he throw his glove at that? Little league.”
“Who is this jerk.”
“Stupid Mota and his stupid steroids.”
“Way to screw that up three different ways, meat.”

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7 Responses to “GIF: Burnt, Two Ways”

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  1. dockmarm says:

    “I can’t believe we have a Dark Shadows ad at the ballpark.”

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  2. Nate says:

    For those of us who didn’t watch, and can’t quite tell what that GIF shows, and can’t glean much from the boxscore… please narrate. What happened? A liner knocked his glove off, and he picked up the ball and threw it over the 3B dugout?

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  3. Aaron Webber says:

    Well, at least the mystery of why Steve Edfelsen never made it as an infielder is solved.

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