GIF by Request: A.J. Griffin Throws a Curve to Adam Lind

Griffin CU

It’s not uncommon in this world — is, in fact, celebrated at some length by the god of the Old Testament in the book of Nahum, probably, or Habakkuk — for the star-crossed lover, separated by some combination of fate and legal injunction from the object of his affections, to pull himself up off the bar stool, place a call via pay phone to the local AM station, and dedicate Foreigner’s 1984 power ballad “I Want to Know What Love Is” to the only woman who ever mattered to him for 20 minutes last Saturday out near the municipal lake.

It was in much the same spirit, one imagines, that internet lover Michael Spitznagel stumbled to his keyboard tonight, booted up his Twitter computer, and requested that the present author utilize one of his few skills to the end of sharing A.J. Griffin‘s curveball with the world — such that, after witnessing said curveball, the world would have a better idea than Mick Jones et al. what, precisely, love is.

The specific curveball one finds here is from Griffin to Blue Jays DH Adam Lind to end the top of the sixth inning of tonight’s game between Toronto and Oakland. The screenshot below seems to indicate, lest there were any doubt, that the pitch crossed the plate entirely within the regulation strike zone.

Griffing Called CU

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

11 Responses to “GIF by Request: A.J. Griffin Throws a Curve to Adam Lind”

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  1. nickolai says:

    my god. it’s beautiful.

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  2. Hitler but Sadder says:

    I’m upset at your choice to consume the above game via the Toronto feed– especially given tonight was Moneyball darling Scott Hatteberg’s night to provide colorful commentary for the Athletics.

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  3. BalkingHeads says:

    It’s almost as if his back leg coming down compels the ball to also fall back down in unison. New pants are needed.

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  4. Andrew says:

    I just puked on my keyboard.

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  5. MSpitz says:

    My name has appeared on a Carson Cistulli Notgraphs post.

    My life is now complete.

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    • Shamma Lamma Ding DONG says:

      Your last name is Spitznagel?

      Bro, when you get hitched, you got 2 options: either take *her* surname and get rid of the Spitz, or you hyphenate your own so you’ll be like Spitznagel-Aufspielbergenplatz. Niiiice

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  6. Ferment's Last Beerem says:

    We present to you AJ Griffin, MLB’s leader in HRs

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    • galt says:

      yeah, the homers are going to be a problem. He’s on pace for 40 homers while pitching in Oakland. How is that possible? His stratomatic card is going to be a nightmare next year.

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  7. ReuschelCakes says:

    as both an A’s diehard and generally lethargic human, i watch games on tv. as my wife possesses neither of these admirable qualities, she only mocks me watching games on tv.

    and she mocks AJ Griffin, whom she refers to as “That Pizza Delivery Guy”

    based on this looped, lopulous pitch, i will submit for her revision: “That Garbage Man”

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  8. ReuschelCakes says:

    I also enjoy Carson perfecting the 4-sentence, 3-paragraph NotGraphs inning. efficient for sure, but not yet the peak of your powers.

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  9. leftyodoul says:

    Not yet cited amongst the wonders contained in this fantastic graphical interchange format clip is the mysterious man in black walking the corridor directly behind home plate. To elaborate on the aspects, in stream-of-consciousness manner: the warm glow back-lit on his clean-shaved pate; his steady, certain gait- which, as it happens, goes from right to left on our screen, suggesting in cinematic terms foreboding, anxiety and impending doom; tempered by the satisfaction of the synchronicity of his appearance and disappearance bookending his two strides with the timing of the baseball thrown and caught. This man, I propose, suggests the inevitable coursings of fate. There is an at-bat. The man in black is walking. There is no more at-bat. The man is gone.

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