GIF: Cashner v Bauer

Pitcher porn happened last night. The 100-mph throwing Andrew Cashner took on the foul-line to foul-line long-tossing Trevor Bauer in a battle of the babies. Each young prospect went into the game riding the wave of good feelings and expectation. Each left a little tarnished. Cashner, known for both his filthiness and his fragility, strained a lat muscle and will be out three weeks at least. At least it wasn’t the elbow that everyone thought he was pointing to when he was taken out. Bauer, known for his wide array of pitches and also his inconsistent ability to control those pitches, left early after walking too many and being a little too hittable.

Before they left, however, they left an impression that might last a while.

Cashner’s fragile filth

Bauer’s erractic enigma

Thanks to Mike Petriello for making the GIFs while I figure out how to make em better so that Carson will let me do them more.

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  1. kipwellsfan60 says:

    nasty boys

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  2. sinsooooooochoooooo88 says:

    got heeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmmmmmaahh!!!!!!!

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  3. RA Rowe says:

    As a Padres fan, Cashner is like human flesh. I used to be a normal person but now that I’ve had a taste, I will never enjoy anything else as much.

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