GIF: Cool Guys Don’t Look at Ejections

One thing I’ve noticed people do on the internet sometimes, is they write a post and title it the title of something else that’s on the internet — something that’s current and/or popular. This way, the writer makes it clear to everyone how he or she knows about this current and/or popular event.

Like if a player left his team because the team didn’t win a World Series, you could maybe title a post about him “[Team Name] Should’ve Put a Ring on It” — which, on the one hand, refers to a World Series ring but, on the other, also refers to this song by Beyonce I saw one time. I bet a lot of people would like that and then read the article.

Anyway, I mention it because yesterday I saw how Aramis Ramirez walked away as his manager Mike Quade was being ejected from the Cubs-Brewers game. It reminded me of this video I saw (below), which, given the 23 million views, I’m guessing is pretty popular. I got the idea: “I should title the title of my post something similar to that video.”

The video I’m talking about is below, in case you haven’t seen it. I’m pretty sure that’s not the real Neil Diamond, but whatevs.

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

12 Responses to “GIF: Cool Guys Don’t Look at Ejections”

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  1. Dan says:

    Carson Cistulli: See’er of Songs.

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  2. reillocity says:

    Aramis Ramirez is the reigning king of I Don’t Give a Crap as far as on-field body language goes. In fact it’s amazing that people could even notice how disinterested Starlin Castro can be at times while at short given that he’s standing next to a guy who absolutely could care less about the next pitch or what becomes of it.

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  3. Resolution says:

    hey, if you want to milk this more, someone should make a .gif where once the umpire ejects Quade, Quade blows up. The ump gets that cathartic release he truly wanted, the Cubs get a new manager, and Aramis gets to press onward toward which he is striving.

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    • DD says:

      Wouldn’t this make the whole story come full circle – Ramirez would be not looking at Quade’s “explosion”?

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      • Resolution says:

        precisely my friend, precisely. Also, such a .gif would probably really help Ramirez’s value skyrocket for his next contract.

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  4. Chris says:

    I love the look when he turns his head half way, as if to say: “Did I hear something? Nah, just my imagination… I hope they don’t have tacos after the game, last time I got sick.”

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  5. juan pierre's mustache says:

    my assumption was that aramis had pretty much put himself in danger of being ejected and just didn’t want to even give the appearance of arguing further. to tack on to above posters noting how little he appears to care: is there anything lazier than allowing your manager to basically take your ejection for you?

    in unrelated news, the pitch that was called strike 3 and led to this was about 8 inches low

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    • Stocktopus says:

      Other way around. It would be lazy of the manager to let his best offensive player get ejected. It’s his job to get in there and make sure Aramis stays out of the way.

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  6. Tristan says:

    wow. That guy from Lonely Island can make pretty much anything seem completely unfunny. When does he start approaching the least funny “commedian singer” hall of fame?
    Awesome video of Aramis Ramirez though. That actually was funny…

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