GIF: Dan Uggla Knows from Home Run Swings

I’ve never personally hit a home run in a major-league baseball game. However, were I to hit a home run in that type of baseball game, I’d probably make sure to do a weird, flamboyant helicopter motion thing with my left arm — like the one Dan Uggla performed, I mean, just after hitting a home run against Diamondback rookie Wade Miley on Saturday night.

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9 Responses to “GIF: Dan Uggla Knows from Home Run Swings”

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  1. Bob says:

    It’s the Arnold Palmer follow through!

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  2. Clearly, Uggla has been putting in some extra work with the Crime Dog. Either that or he immersed himself into a Tom Emanski video.

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  3. AndyS says:

    I believe that is called a “redando”

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  4. harpago17 says:

    Uggla has the helicopter follow-through on a lot of his swings. Generally speaking, the helicopter shows up when “Bad Uggla” is batting…it usually follows pop-ups or Ks. “Good Uggla” usually has a more textbook follow through, due to the fact that he’s balanced a bit better.

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  5. JoshTFL says:

    A righty Morneau swing.

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  6. Fred McGriff says:

    Looks textbook to me

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  7. Eminor3rd says:

    Just trying to make up for that Bumgarner GIF

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