GIF, Flip and a Tune: Daniel Vogelbach


Watch that GIF, and listen to this:

Or, if you find Vogelbach’s saunter somewhat edged, his bat flip somewhat angry, if you thinks there’s a zephyr of suffering that carries the ball to left field, play this adaptation instead:

Is he Daniel Vogelbach? Is he Vogelbux? Is he Vogelbored? Vogelbroken? Vogelballin?

Today, maybe we decide.

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7 Responses to “GIF, Flip and a Tune: Daniel Vogelbach”

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  1. Gary Busey's Handler says:

    Pure Awesomeness

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  2. Mike Green says:

    That bat flip sings “I can f’n hit”. The tune does not have enough expletives to carry it.

    The way Vogelbach carries himself reminds me a bit of Eddie Murray.

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  3. tylersnotes says:

    i would like to see him in a 50-yard dash contest with billy butler and prince fielder

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  4. Jordan says:

    Yo, appreciate the Vogelbach love. Couldn’t find the comment on Minor League Ball but just wanted to point out that I actually made this .gif a few months ago as part of our Cubs season preview. No worries, just thought I’d let it be known. Vogelbach is forever.

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