GIF: High-Fiving Brett Lawrie

We’ve all got that one friend who goes HAM on high fives, who treats every high five like it’s their last. For members of the Toronto Blue Jays, that friend is Brett Lawrie.

Lawrie’s exuberant high five is a window into how he plays the game. Lawrie plays hard. Very hard. He sprints down the line to first base, every time. Ground balls aren’t hit to Brett Lawrie at third base; Brett Lawrie attacks ground balls. A week ago today, Lawrie tried to steal home with two outs, the bases loaded, and Jose Bautista at the plate. Lawrie was out. Ah, the folly of youth.

Speaking of Bautista, he’s learned his lesson. Want to high five Brett Lawrie? Use protection.

High five: The indispensable Toronto Blue Jays gifs.

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Yeah, JBau doesn’t want to bear Lawrie’s children!