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GIF: Humble Author Sees Through Time

“I want to sit in right field because that’s where Dioner Navarro is going to hit a home run.”

That was me, your humble author. I made this pronouncement on August 19, 2013, around 6:48 p.m. Then, at approximately 8:23 p.m. that same evening, Dioner Navarro did this:

Navi Blasti

Do you doubt my powers?

Navarro Homer (I am a wizard of geniusness)

For those of you who do not read the Other Side — Fangraphs — Dioner Navarro is of particular interest to me — as I was explaining to my friend Will Smith* (encircled beside me in the photo) — since Navarro trained with Joey Votto this offseason and has thus become one of the brightest spots of an otherwise plastic-knife dull Cubs season.

For further proof of my having been here, consider this photo taken from my vantage of the home run recipient, who buried the procured souvenir within his outfielder’s glove:

ball journey

If God had not designed me as a Grecian model of Introverted Perfection, perhaps I would have asked the gentle sir to pose for this photograph and then promised him worldwide notoriety for appearing in this selfsame piece of NotGraphs journalism excellence. But here we are instead, espying the back of his baseball cap and his right ear lobe and the right arm of his glasses frame.


*I feel comfortable enough to share my friend’s full name on account of the fact: Go ahead and Google him. Not even the NSA could find him.