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  1. ReuschelCakes says:

    why does the button on his hat grow?

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  2. Noah Baron says:

    In all seriousness, the Mets should be very excited about their future. deGrom and Wheeler have improved tremendously this year, even though they were both question marks coming into the season.

    I don’t think this Mets team is going to be bad for a very long time. July of 2014 might be the last time of the decade we sit and think about how terrible the Mets really are, because with Harvey, Wheeler, Syndergaard, deGrom, and Niese, as well as Montero, Matz, and Gee for depth, the Mets should have one of the best rotations in baseball next year.

    Oh yeah, and Mejia has a sub-3 xFIP as a starter for his career.

    Not to mention the fact that they (should) have loads of money to spend this offseason (or pay to Tulo) to improve at shortstop and in the OF. Granderson and Duda have emerged as legitimate power threats. d’Arnaud is finally breaking out. Murphy is starting to draw walks. Wright is having the worst season of his career, yet the Mets offense is the best it’s been in 5 years!

    There’s a lot to be excited about in New York. Well, Queens at least.

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    • Wobatus says:

      You should try the hair simulator on Jenrry Mejia. July of 2014 may be the last time we think of the Mets as not having some wild-haired pitchers. I hear Harvey is working on one of those 80s Robert Smith from The Cure or Flock of Seagulls pompadours. And Matz’s mane is filling in nicely after getting a Tommy John circa 1966 buzz cut.

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    • Skip says:

      Mets and loads of money is an oxymoron my friend. I am pleasantly excited by deGroms mullet though. I certainly look forward to see mejias continued growth, hair growth that is. If the rumors are true about Harvey’s new wave look I’m seriously thinking about season tickets. My expectations for matz is a bit tempered, I think he goes back to the buzz cut :/

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  3. Jay29 says:

    Quaff? Coif?

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  4. Randy Marsh says:


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