GIF: Japanese Bat Flip/Angry Glove Slam Combination

Like the dark and mysterious stranger in a film about a young French woman’s sexual awakening, the reader has by now made love to the video footage provided earlier today by Eno Sarris of myriad Japanese hitters practicing the sacred art of the bat flip.

Now, like the reader of a blog post in which a metaphor is mixed almost immediately after being introduced, the reader finds himself reliving — via his mind’s eye — the ecstasies of that earlier encounter.

Why the mind is a cyclops, we’ll never know. Despite its lack of depth perception, however, it remains one of the best ways to relive ecstasies.

Still, in certain cases, an animated GIF is required. Like this animated GIF of, first, a hitter flipping his bat, and then, second, of a pitcher slamming his glove with Maximum Anger:

NPB Glove Throw 2

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Jon Roegele

Love bat flips. This is an excellent finding!