GIF: Jim Johnson’s Jim Johnson

Because Oriole Jim Johnson plays for the Orioles, there’s a strong chance that no one — perhaps besides his teammates and Buck Showalter and Buck Showalter’s grizzled and nameless manservant — knows who he is.

In fact, there appears to be at least one reason to know who Jim Johnson is — and it’s embedded above these electronic words.

The footage you see here is taken from the ninth inning of Baltimore’s victory over Boston last (Monday) night. With a 1-0 count against Adrian Gonzalez, Johnson threw this 97 mph offering with 6.2 inches of armside run and 5.8 inches of “rise” (relative to a spinless ball, that is).

While the pitch was classified by Pitch F/x as a four-seamer, the dramatic movement — combined with the fact that a number of Johnson’s pitches are classified as two-seamers, too — suggests Johnson’s pitch might be either.

Of the 14 fastballs he threw Monday night, Johnson got whiffs on four of them (28.6%) — about four or five times the league average for swing-and-misses on fastballs.

In a potentially related story, every woman in the Baltimore area woke up pregnant.

Brooks Baseball. Brooks Baseball. Brooks Baseball.

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  1. Eminor3rd says:

    Holy ****

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  2. Yirmiyahu says:

    Looks like the trajectory of the ball sharply changes halfway to the plate. I love it when baseballs do impossible things.

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  3. reillocity says:

    Johnson’s obviously perfected the three-seamer, no?

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  4. Pat says:

    It’s like the power sinker Chien Ming Wang used to throw, at his best, only with more velocity.

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  5. The Rajah says:


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  6. Morse says:

    It was obviously a 5-seamer.

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  7. Michael says:

    Haven’t fallen in love with the ridiculousness of any pitch this much since Darvish’s slider.

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  8. AustinRHL says:

    Jesus, that was a 97 mph pitch? Is it possible that this is even better than Daniel Bard’s mind-bending two-seamer you showed us in a previous post?

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