GIF: Jose Bautista High Fives, Then Sacks, Henderson Alvarez

Jose Bautista puts the “Hot” in Hot GIF Action. He also gives new meaning to “Up high, down low” high five etiquette.

Poor Alvarez. The perils of being a rookie in Major League Baseball.

A handshake, and only a handshake, for my dude The Blue Jay Hunter.

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6 Responses to “GIF: Jose Bautista High Fives, Then Sacks, Henderson Alvarez”

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  1. The bow to acknowledge it is how every man should receive a petting from Jose Bautista.

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  2. Krog says:

    That last sentence should say “The penis of being a rookie.”

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  3. MDL says:

    Hopefully Mr. Lawrie doesn’t adopt Joey Bats’ approach to high fives.

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  4. reillocity says:

    As for high five etiquette, I believe that the proper phrase for that situation is “High five, low two”.

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  5. Damaso's Burnt Shirt says:

    Duck, duck, duck, GOOSE!

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