GIF: Kelly Johnson’s Backhand Flip Ooh La La

The Blue Jay Hunter was at it again last night, capturing, for our viewing pleasure, another hot GIF, this time of Kelly Johnson’s defensive wizardry in Kansas City.

It was the kind of play that gets you out of your seat; that makes you yell “Oh!”, or, in regards to Johnson’s pending free agency, “Can we keep him?”

(Unless you’re this guy, of course, with In The Action seats and clearly something better to do.)

Brandon Morrow’s reaction to the play is fantastic. Once he realizes he’s not getting to that ground ball, Morrow stops; he becomes a spectator, like everyone else. Morrow watches Johnson make the only play he could have, a brilliant backhand flip for the out, one that even Omar Vizquel surely appreciated, and then tries to get a piece of Johnson, in appreciation, as Johnson’s momentum takes him towards the Toronto dugout. I loved the fist pump from Johnson, too; Mitch Maier’s out.

Johnson saved a run; there were two outs on the play, and a runner on third base. A web gem, indeed, and they don’t come much prettier than that, yo.

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It’s not very often that I curse myself for listening to the game on the radio, and to be fair it was perfectly described, but I would’ve lost my shit had I seen that play on the television.

Eric Dykstra

I was lucky enough to be watching this game when it happened. Kelly Johnson has been stellar for the Jays so far.

Greg W

There is a moment where I thought ‘He’s got no play, and he’s going to overrun the ball.” And then I felt kind of stupid, because Kelly Johnson had a much better idea about that play than I ever would.

And Omar Vizquel did appreciate it, tweeting his approval later that night.