GIF: King Felix and Beltre Sign (Love) Language

Felix Hernandez: Why didn’t you call me? I called you. I called you like eight times. Why didn’t you call me?

Adrian Beltre: I called you. Oh come on. I called you. Check your messages. I called.

Hernandez: No you didn’t call me. No no no.

Beltre: Man, check your phone. Must be broken.

Hernandez: No way.

Beltre: You know what. I also sent you a letter. Licked it all up and sent it right to you.

Hernandez: Don’t make me laugh. You think I’m some silly girl.

Beltre: No, I used my own spit. Sent it right to you. Lick, stamp, right with the mail carrier.

Hernandez: That’s rich.

Hernandez: So you think I’m hiding the letter here in my sleeves? You think I got it here with me?

Beltre: Yeah you got it.

Hernandez: Yeah I got your letter and I just got it right here in my shirt.

Hernandez: You want to check my shirt? Check my shirt. Check it. Come look.

Beltre: Felix, you’re such a drama queen. Stop it.

Hernandez: You say you wrote a letter. That I got it. That I got it in my shirt.

Beltre: You’re crazy man.


Hernandez: You know what? I’m done.

Beltre: What you mean.

Hernandez: Look here. Here’s my heart. You see my heart. You slap it around a little, slap it around a little — AND THEN YOU SMACK IT TO THE GROUND AND BREAK IT.

Beltre: You know what… you should get going. Someone might see this.


Beltre: Yeah. Uh. I’ll call you later.

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5 Responses to “GIF: King Felix and Beltre Sign (Love) Language”

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  1. Jerry says:

    I saw that game and the exchange …. it was hilarious

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  2. N Stu says:

    Last year, Beltre actually got ejected because he an Felix where jokingly exchanging words (in Spanish). They were close friends in Seattle, its good to see them enjoying competing with eachother.

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  3. Billy Bob says:

    Beltre Farted and Felix didn’t like the nasty smell

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  4. Bip says:

    So I’m assuming you made this up but I would totally believe it.

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    • Eno Sarris says:

      I believe Beltre is accusing Felix of cheating — playfully — and Felix is saying that, no, my ball breaks like that.

      But this universe is a little more fun!

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